Kookaburra Song - Rhiannon Cooke

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Rhiannon Cooke

Kookaburra Song

from the CD Single.

KOOKABURRA SONG, composed by RHIANNON COOKE and KARL BROADIE, was written in memory of Rhiannon’s grandfather. Rhiannon has fond memories and pictures of days spent with her grandfather by the water and of the kookaburras that visited his verandah every night. Rhiannon and Karl used the Kookaburra as a symbol for her grandfather, to remember the life lessons, love and support he always gave to her.

In primary school Rhiannon studied that Aboriginal people believed that when our loved ones pass they are reincarnated into our native animals. Kookaburras have turned up at many important times in her life and she believes it’s just her Pop watching over her which makes her feel very content. She hopes others can relate to this experience.

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