Lost In You - Kingsford Smith

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Kingsford Smith

Lost In You

from the Kingsford Smith EP.

CHRIS HYDE and PAUL WITHERS have had their own music pathways and for many years have been involved in the music industry in some way, shape or form. Chris has sung in bands most of his adult life and Paul played in bands and worked in a music store alongside STEVE SIMMONDS, front man of the Aussie Country Band, DEEP CREEK ROAD. Life, however, has its own twists and turns and for both Chris and Paul music took a back seat for some time.

After picking up the guitar again, ten years later, Paul began to write his own songs. Encouraged by a friend he continued, developing a catalogue of tracks. Having known each other for many years Paul got together with Chris and they began to record demos in their spare time. These songs were eventually recorded to make up their debut self titled EP, KINGSFORD SMITH.

The first single release is the track, LOST IN YOU, a song written about what it’s like being with someone that challenges, encourages and appreciates you, the ups & downs and exhilarations that come with being in love, and the emotional rollercoaster ride that it often is.

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