Boxes - Kelly Cork

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Kelly Cork


from the One Of These Days album.

“For me, the song, BOXES, is a fairly true view of life’s ups and downs. It stems from losing family members and more than a fair share of friends in recent times and it got me thinking that, if filling boxes with past possessions becomes an Olympic sport, I’ll do very well!”

“These times certainly have both their funny and sad sides in that I was never sure why Mum would keep ten broken egg flippers, plaster ducks etc. and why my Old Man had six axe heads with no handles and three hundred drill bits. Another box holds the old clock that suddenly worked with someone’s last breath. Other boxes hold old photos of us when we had great hair and good looks. Sometimes in that box is the very thing we all lose; it could be the most useless item but I guess it’s the memory of the person or of the times that makes us hang onto it all”.

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