Ready To Please - James Stewart Keene

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James Stewart Keene

Ready To Please

from the Coal Town (Release Pending) album.

Following on from his Australian Country Tracks Top 40 hit, COAL TOWN, JAMES STEWART KEENE delivers another sneak peak of original material from his forthcoming album (due in late 2016) with the irresistible READY TO PLEASE.

Featuring outstanding production by JONAH’S ROAD front-man JAY COLLIE and sizzling guitar work from his fellow band mate RODNEY AULD, this catchy tune will sit comfortably in any contemporary rock country playlist.

Written by James, the song speaks to anyone who has played the game of love and launched a charm offensive to gain the affection of someone special! James will have you tempted with his passionate performance. You will be left with no doubt that he is a man on a mission. After all, he is ready to please!

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