Rich With Friends - Col Finley

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Col Finley

Rich With Friends

from the A Little Bit Outlaw album.

A singer-songwriter born in the heartland, COL FINLEY epitomizes the Australian spirit and, on stage and off, he gives it all he’s got. The working class man’s country music hero, COL FINLEY speaks of tough times, good times, heartache and love.

He has a string of Career Achievements including 5 albums, touring nationally and 5 years in America, and performances at every major Australian country music festival.

Col’s latest single, RICH WITH FRIENDS, touches on the value of friendship as he dives back into his past of hard times living out of his Panel van and eating two minute noodles. He praises his family and friends that help him survive and as he states in the song, “Money can buy you anything” But it doesn’t make you Rich, Only True Friends can do that.

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