Cowgirl Rockin’ - Alice Benfer

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Alice Benfer

Cowgirl Rockin’

from the Cowgirl Rockin’ EP.

COWGIRL ROCKIN’ is ALICE BENFER’S second EP and it was recorded at RANCOM STREET STUDIOS with GARTH PORTER, who, to Alice’s delight, co-wrote some of her songs.

Alice is focusing on writing songs with a modern, fresh flavour and Country appeal. Each of Alice’s songs captures the listener’s attention with a different sound and diverse approach. The songs have an across-the-board appeal to all age groups and would tease the most hardened critic.

COWGIRL ROCKIN’ tells of a young country woman who likes to have fun but has finally met someone who has pressed all of the right buttons and he leaves her love-struck. A simple storyline given a refreshing twist.