Fly In, Fly Out - Susan Lily And Darren Scott

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Susan Lily And Darren Scott

Fly In, Fly Out

from the CD Single.

With a diverse catalogue of country releases to his credit, DARREN SCOTT has yet again forged a path into unique sounding musical terrain. Joined by award winning and chart topping singer-songwriter SUSAN LILY, Darren lays bare the reality of the ‘FIFO’ lifestyle in his self-penned song ‘FLY IN, FLY OUT.

A partner’s haunting plea gives way to a jealous, ferocious exchange above a searing bed of slide guitar and pounding rhythm section. Susan Lily’s extraordinary ability to deliver a story honestly with power and subtlety makes FLY IN, FLY OUT a very compelling piece of Australian music. Darren Scott’s vocal captures the emotion of an alleged philanderer and adds thrilling harmony to the track.

With lyric and soundscape disclosing influences from folk, blues and Southern rock, SUSAN LILY and DARREN SCOTT’s FLY IN , FLY OUT is a hard hitting, uncommon gem in the landscape of Australian country music.

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