The Grey Nomads - Neil Anthony

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Neil Anthony

The Grey Nomads

from the Forthcoming album.

Neil Anthony revs it up to celebrate the lifestyle of THE GREY NOMADS. When the kids grow up and leave home, Aussie couples are ‘hitchin’ up the wagon and heading out around the big island. “They’re the Grey Nomads and they’re hittin’ the road, the Grey Nomads with no postcode.”

Following on from his recent chart success with the quirky “PEANUT BUTTER ON TOAST”, which appeared in the Country Tracks Top 40 for 8 weeks and reached number 23, Neil has released “THE GREY NOMADS ”. Apart from Neil’s vocal and guitar, the song has rich harmonies reminiscent of the Beach Boys and a bit of boogie piano. When the Grey Nomads get together for a dance, is it called a ‘Tow Ball’?

Be sure to check out YouTube video on NeilAB100 Channel.