Probably Never Will - Tony Smith

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Tony Smith

Probably Never Will

from the Darling River Man album.

TONY SMITH is a full- blooded representative of the Australian country way of life. Born and raised on the lower Darling Murray basin region at Balcatherine station, 45 kms from the historic town of Wentworth, Tony lived and breathed the land through the good times and bad as any farmer does.

From droughts, floods, fires to epic lake bed wheat crops ,booming wool and sheep prices and back again to shooting stock and wondering how to stay sane while make a living off the land.

Song writing became a passion of Tony’s in his early twenties and his life experiences since have produced a number of heart-felt tunes. Tunes that he has kept under wraps, until now, with the release of his single, PROBABLY NEVER WILL which is featured on his DARLING RIVER MAN CD.