Once He Used To Dance - Rachel Jillett

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Rachel Jillett

Once He Used To Dance

from the Country Treasures album.

RACHEL JILLETT has just released her 3rd album, COUNTRY TREASURES, as she continues to gain popularity with traditional country music fans. Rachel won the Gold Medallion Media Award this year for NSW Female Vocalist Of The Year 2015 and The Australian Independent Country Music Artists Brumby Award for Best Inspirational Song 2015 with the track GOD BE WITH YOU (from her previous album FOREVER COUNTRY).

Co- written by Rachel with her mother, Cheryl, her sister Carmel, and SHAZA LEIGH, ONCE HE USED TO DANCE is the latest single from the newly- released COUNTRY TREASURES. "It is a very special track and is dedicated to my late Uncle Allan (Knuckles) Parker and my Great Aunty Monnie Parker - Heath. It tells of an older man's reflection on times when he was more capable and able bodied, and of how younger generations often are ignorant to the fact that older people used to be young once. The end piece of music is what my Aunty used to play at the barn and hall dances many years ago. We are very proud of this song".

Rachel's latest offering, with a range of 12 great tracks including styles from a bush ballad, a track for the 100th Anniversary of War, to old favourites, as well as originals is sure to please and delight her fans.