It’s A Great Time In Tamworth - Grazy’s Country

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Grazy’s Country

It’s A Great Time In Tamworth

from the Journey To New Beginnings album.

GRAZY AND AYMES, of GRAZY'S COUNTRY, have been writing and performing their country/folk songs of life experiences as a duo in Australia and the USA over the past three years.

They recorded their first album, JOURNEY TO NEW BEGINNINGS, in Nashville TN. In 2014 and it was released in Tamworth in 2015.

The first single release, IT’S A GREAT TIME IN TAMWORTH, is a song that GRAHAM BRENNAN (GRAZY) wrote while performing at the Tamworth Country Music Festival in January 2012.

This song is a reflection of all the wonderful moments experienced at the festival. IT’S A GREAT TIME IN TAMWORTH was played at the TCMF 2015 opening ceremony during the fireworks.