Leave Me There - Darren Colston

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Darren Colston

Leave Me There

from the Happiness Tree album.

Troubadour DARREN COLSTON is a multi-award winning singer-songwriter whose emotive songs, delivered in fine voice, are unmistakeably Australian, unmistakeably Country and unmistakeably “Darren Colston”.

From his forthcoming original EP, HAPPINESS TREE, comes the track, LEAVE ME THERE. The song was inspired by events that began in 2007, when the remains of 399 Australian and British soldiers, killed in battle in World War 1, were found in an unmarked pit near the battlefields of Fromelles, in France. At the time there was much debate as to whether the bodies should be dug up, identified and possibly repatriated, or should they be left alone. Many people weighed into the debate. In Darren's words, “There were many opinions on the subject but I always wondered what the Diggers themselves would say, if only we could ask them.”

Written by Darren, this powerful song is one possible point of view of one of those Diggers. “Season after season I've been lying here in France. And through a hundred years my soul has learned to dance.”

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