Party In The Daylight - Mick Lindsay

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Mick Lindsay

Party In The Daylight

from the Mick Lindsay album.

MICK LINDSAY’s self-titled debut album had a phenomenal response, with the album jumping straight to #3 on the Australian iTunes Country Music Charts, topped only by KEITH URBAN and RASCAL FLATTS. Mick has built a solid professional reputation and a loyal fan base by astounding audiences nationwide with his refreshing brand of “country-fried rock” - an unseen blend of country rock/pop with a bit of funk thrown in. Lindsay is a self-taught guitarist who hit the music scene in 2003 and has been busy touring and songwriting for the past 10 years. “It all lead up to these 12 songs that complement each other on the album and I wouldn’t change it for the world”, Lindsay said. “From the fusion between banjo and a screaming Les Paul being played together, to acoustic guitars and harmonica and even the occasional cowbell, this album was a lot of fun to create”. The 2nd single from Mick Lindsay’s self-titled debut album, Party In The Daylight, was produced and recorded at Vibetone Recording Studio in the Noosa hinterland town of Pomona, Queensland with one of Australia’s most influential musicians, BENJY POCOCK. Co-written by Mick Lindsay and DREW McALISTER, Party In The Daylight is a hard-hitting, up-tempo track, infused with Mick Lindsay’s own funky grit.