Learn To Love - Katie Ahnna

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Katie Ahnna

Learn To Love

from the Guess That’s Why EP.

KATIE AHNNA has been singing and writing country songs since she was a little girl. After meeting her now husband, she managed to find the courage and support she needed to get her songs out there and heard. She writes a lot about people who are dear to her, producing songs that people can relate to. Katie's first EP entitled Guess That’s Why is girly and pretty with songs that really tug at the heartstrings. She writes with great feeling that perfectly captures her superb voice. Katie has been told her voice has a similar sound to FAITH HILL and CARRIE UNDERWOOD but with more of an obvious Aussie Twang! So if you like the sound of that, check out her new single to radio Learn To Love, now available on ITunes. You won't be disappointed!