Storm In A D Cup - Hayley Marsten

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Hayley Marsten

Storm In A D Cup

from the Even EP.

Country singer/songwriter HAYLEY MARSTEN is an unapologetic, unstoppable force of talent and determination, getting ready to take on 2015 with a string of shows to promote her debut EP, Even, produced with BILL CHAMBERS. Taking inspiration from MIRANDA LAMBERT, LORETTA LYNN and TAYLOR SWIFT, Hayley’s lyrics are personal, honest and the perfect amount of sass. Lead single from Even is the fiddle driven toe tapper, Storm In A D Cup, which presents a fun tongue-in-cheek look into the artist’s life. Described as the most autobiographical song from one very honest record, Storm In A D Cup is the perfect introduction for Hayley Marsten, encapsulating her sense of humour, sassy, witty writing style and who she is. Hayley Marsten is quickly winning over fans with her tell-all boldness allowing them to relate and gain insight into her life through her music.