Who Needs Jamaica - Adam Price

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Adam Price

Who Needs Jamaica

from the I’m Me Again album.

ADAM PRICE started his country music career in 2011, when his first single, Faith, Hope & Love, co-written with GINA JEFFREYS and ROD McCORMACK (also produced by Rod), was released. Later that year, Adam’s full album entitled Paint You A Song, also produced by Rod, was released and received rave reviews. In late 2014, his 2nd album, I’m Me Again, was also released and is a showcase from his good songwriter friends JON PHILLIBERT and ED BENTLEY. Adam’s new single to radio, Who Needs Jamaica, is about the beautiful landmark of Nobbys Beach in the heart of Newcastle, NSW (and only 10 minutes from where Adam lives). It truly is paradise and it’s where Adam goes to think, write music and just enjoy the paradise that’s right in his own backyard. Who needs Jamaica when you have all that!