Grey - Natalie Howard

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Natalie Howard


from the Under {Love’s} Umbrella album.

Grey, the new single release from NATALIE HOWARD, is her personal favourite from her 2014 American Independent Music Awards winning “Country Album of the Year”, Under {Love’s} Umbrella. This reflective, sweet and strong song unveils more of Natalie’s engaging manner, which is like listening in on a detailed conversation with her. Grey is a self-penned, biographical song, written in hindsight, drawing from Natalie's comparison with a past relationship that was dysfunctional and plagued with undefined boundaries, to entering a new one that is clear and fulfilling, and how that affected her outlook so positively. As Natalie explains, “I love the momentum and build this song takes you on, to the discovery of the journey from being unappreciated in the old relationship to being cherished and cared for, and knowing where you stand. Keeping it real is one thing, but keeping [it] 'under the love umbrella' is everything!” Natalie’s Under {Love's} Umbrella album is available from iTunes, music stores and via Natalie's official website.