Bones - Josh Paul

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Josh Paul


from the CD Single.

Bones is the debut single from one of Australia's newest Country artists, JOSH PAUL. Also known as ‘JP’, Josh Paul has recently come off a personal musical hiatus after his departure from internationally recognised Australian rock band SUNSET RIOT where he was known for his guitar shredding skill and countless American tours where he played alongside rock greats such as GUNS N ROSES, ALICE IN CHAINS and THE DARKNESS. During this hiatus, Josh went on a journey of rejuvenation where he re-discovered his intense love for music which was lost during his time of restricted writing style. “When I left the band, I wanted to quit music. But this time off has let me find my passion again, it's like I’ve fallen in love all over again; and I’m free to write what I want. I feel like I’m at my roots now, this is what I’m meant to be doing, it’s what I love”, Josh Paul says when describing his new country-influenced musical direction. For more information about Josh Paul and to be the first to hear about his upcoming releases and announcements, follow his social media accounts.