Love The Wrong Man  - Victoria Edwards

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Victoria Edwards

Love The Wrong Man

from the Authentic album.

VICTORIA EDWARDS, the country artist admired far and wide for her dynamic vocal range, honest lyrics, charming personality and, of course, those flaming locks, has been touring since July in support of the provocative country rock single Love The Wrong Man. About the excitement of rolling the dice on a rough and tumble guy, Love The Wrong Man is sure to be a crowd favourite with its organs and snarling electric guitar presence. Victoria Edwards proves that she's got a devious, bad-boy loving side to her in Love The Wrong Man, her new single release to radio. The track, ostensibly about a good girl falling for a bad boy, raises the question, "can you roll the dice without taking a chance?" It's one that can only be answered with experience, and Victoria tells that story in primitive, gritty fashion.

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