Disposable - Tori Darke

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Tori Darke


from the Silver Lining album.

Disposable is the first single to be released off TORI DARKE’s forthcoming album Silver Lining. This album has been a long time in the making for this very talented singer/songwriter who has spent the last 2 years co-writing and sourcing songs for this new album release. Written by KELSEA BALLERINA, JOSH KERR and RYAN GRIFFITH, with production by ANDREW COCHRANE, Disposable tells a tale of a love being so easily forgotten by one party as though it never existed - the story of a broken hearted girl who feels as though she was used and disposed of when he was done with her. Disposable will definitely get under your skin and leave you hanging for Tori's highly anticipated 2nd album, to be released in February 2015. With a unique style all her own, Tori Darke’s debut album Dreams & Chances, released in 2011, produced four Top 10 singles to radio and CMC. Tori’s vocals continue to impress with the emotion she puts into her music and the release of her new single Disposable is certainly set to make its mark on radio around Australia and overseas.