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Every Passing Minute

from the Every Passing Minute album.

SAMI is a young singer/songwriter who captivates her audience with her approachable personality and natural stage presence. Her vocal ability is beyond her years and her songwriting has been well recognised within the industry, winning many prestigious Awards. Sami is currently on her solo 2014 Australian Album Tour, which has consisted of 80 shows across Australia, with bookings being completed for 2015. At only 18 years of age, Sami loves her music career and is working hard to make a permanent name for herself in the Australian Country Music industry. Sami’s new single is Every Passing Minute, a song that means so much to this talented young artist. As Sami explains, “We all have days like this where ‘sometimes all you need to do is cry’, and there is completely nothing wrong with letting your feelings show! I wrote this song back in 2013 and it is the title track off this album, dedicating it to my Dad as it is one of his favourite songs. I wrote this about how people can have such a hard day, and think it’s never going to change, but the next day is always going to be different as it brings a fresh start. So never give up on thinking it’ll change as the ‘Sun will shine again tomorrow’”.