Love This Country - RUCKUS

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Love This Country

from the Love This Country album.

Love This Country, a song about this wonderful and beautiful country we are so very lucky and fortunate to live in, and the people who live in it, is the title track and first song on the new CD from RUCKUS. RUCKUS have been very fortunate to have travelled a great deal around Australia and this song reflects that amazing experience. Written by MICK ABREY and the band, Love This Country tells of the beauty of the land - ‘trees, hills, desert and the milky way’ - and the people - ‘a friendly smile and a warm handshake is all that you need’. Bazza even gets a mention! It is also superbly mixed and mastered by GAVIN PARKER, a gun at his craft and whose help was immeasurable. In addition, RUCKUS will have a video clip to follow this song early in the New Year and would like to pass on a massive thankyou to all their friends, family, fans, radio stations, pubs, clubs, corner stores and everyone who has supported them over the years.