If You Wanna Be A Country Singer - Noel Parlane

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Noel Parlane

If You Wanna Be A Country Singer

from the Everybody’s Here album.

Recorded in Brisbane, Everybody’s Here, the new album by NOEL PARLANE, is his first venture as an independent artist. More than a year in the making, Everybody’s Here includes songs such as Honky Tonkin’ All Night Long, which has already been released as a single, and the new single release to radio, If You Wanna Be A Country Singer. Noel produced this project at Domenic Sound Studio, owned and operated by SHANE HUGHES in Brisbane, and engaged quality musicians such as EWAN MACKENZIE, CHRIS HARTLEY, DALLAS SOUTHAM, PIXIE JENKINS and HUGH CURTIS on the project. In addition, Noel played rhythm guitar and bass on the album with Shane on drums. This is the 18th album release for Noel, including compilations, with albums 16 and 17 released through the LBS label. During his career, Noel Parlane has won numerous Awards and has made over 30 TV appearances in New Zealand and USA Nashville Cable 9 Networks over the last 15 years. Today, Noel maintains his position as a very popular artist, receiving great demand at Clubs, Festivals and shows across Australia and New Zealand. With the release of Everybody’s Here and the new radio single If You Wanna Be A Country Singer, Noel is set to take his music career to an even higher level. Everybody’s Here is now available to purchase through iTunes and on Noel Parlane’s website.