I Am Life - Connor Wink

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Connor Wink

I Am Life

from the CD Single.

CONNOR WINK started playing piano at the age of 2 and started singing at 5. He is classically trained up to Grade 3 in piano, went on to play guitar and has now gravitated to the Ukulele. His biggest musical influences have been the BEE GEES and CHER, whom he had the pleasure of meeting in 2010. Connor has already recorded two CDs, Sounds For Sight and Sounds For Sight The Journey Continues, at home with a 16 track mixer and sang and overdubbed his own voice for backing vocals. He was only 11 at the time! Connor has gone on to record his first song entitled I Am Life which simply started out as an English task then went off to Tamworth to be converted to lyrics. It has a cool combination of Folk/Country/Hawaiian feel and is sure to place the name of Connor Wink in front of a new legion of fans.