Mischief (Your Backside’s Gonna Pay) - Tanya Self

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Tanya Self

Mischief (Your Backside’s Gonna Pay)

from the Random Truths album.

From Random Truths, TANYA SELF’s outstanding 2014 ARIA charting country album, comes a fresh offering Mischief (Your Backside’s Gonna Pay), the album’s 3rd single release to radio. It humorously takes us all back to our school days on push bikes - “riding like the wind”. Tanya’s songwriting is diverse, real and unique – and all country! In Mischief (Your Backside’s Gonna Pay), Tanya’s mum, knowing her passion for music, found an ingenious way to make her keep her promise to be home from school on time. Tanya wrapped her mum’s favourite expression, “next time your head thinks mischief, your backside’s gonna pay” into this disarming and heart-warming song. “It’s not politically correct, and a bit of poetic licence, but it’s honest and the story steals the show”, says Tanya. Her album, Random Truths spent 9 weeks in the ARIA Country Albums Chart, while the first single The Jacaranda scooped the #1 spot on the Country Tracks Top 40 Chart for 8 consecutive weeks. In addition, Tanya’s confronting single Listening In, received critical acclaim, catching the attention of White Ribbon – renowned advocates of the prevention of domestic violence. Listening In spent several weeks in the Top 10, demonstrating that country radio recognised this heavy, but brave and controversial song, needed to be shared, in an effort to prevent the incidence of domestic violence in Australia. Once again, country and community radio shouted out loudly its support of adult contemporary Australian country music.

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