If So - Stephenie Brilley

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Stephenie Brilley

If So

from the CD Single.

Songwriter PHILIP AYTON has started his own publishing company, writing country songs in a modern contemporary style. To help him, Philip has teamed up with producer SIMON TONX and multi-instrumentalist TIM DUTTON. As Philip explains, “I was looking for a feel and sound and both Simon and Tim filled that niche. To help with the project, Simon suggested we use his friend STEPHENIE BRILLEY as guest vocalist. As soon as Stephenie started singing, I knew she was what the song needed.” Stephenie’s new single entitled If So, is about someone questioning themselves in a relationship but with the upbeat music and catchy hand claps pushing against the darker meaning of the lyrics. The track was great fun to record and Philip hopes it gives the same listening joy to everyone. Happy listening!