Almost Perfect Man  - Shelly Jones Band

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Shelly Jones Band

Almost Perfect Man

from the I’m In Trouble album.

Almost Perfect Man is the 2nd single release from the SHELLY JONES BAND’s new album I’m In Trouble. Written by Shelly, the single is a fun upbeat comedy song about finding the perfect man ... well ... almost perfect man! Let’s face it, the modern girl wants a man who’s masculine, yet also a ‘domestic superman’ who’s not afraid to show his softer side. Who wouldn’t love a man that does the ironing whist watching Dr Phil! She wants a man that can do anything from fixing the car to baking scones and maybe even be a little bit good looking as well. Almost Perfect Man adds to what has already been a great year for this Australian husband and wife country music duo. The song highlights their polished unique sound and the signature dose of humour that they are well known for. The album I’m In Trouble is available on iTunes, Sanity and the Shelly Jones Band’s official website.