Colours Of The Rainbow - Korey Livy

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Korey Livy

Colours Of The Rainbow

from the Route 63 album.

KOREY LIVY once more teams up with some of Australia’s finest songwriters and producers including GARTH PORTER, DREW McALISTER and ROGER CORBETT to bring the real life stories and raw emotion of his life into his new album Route 63. Korey’s new single release, Colours of the Rainbow, is a turning point for Korey when he could see hope of a brand new day. Korey believes a rainbow is a symbol of hope and that we all have to live through many rainy days, but if you hold on, if you follow the colours of the rainbow, you will find a brand new day. We take a few wrong turns in life but we’re all trying to get back to “Route 63”, the route of faith and courage. Korey has faith that there is light at the end of the road and, more importantly, he has the courage to continue to keep looking for that brand new day.

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