Bridge Of Love - The Australian Family of Country Music (1994)

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The Australian Family of Country Music (1994)

Bridge Of Love

from the CD Single.

It was 20 years ago … 33 Australian country music singers, 6 A1-listed musicians and producer GARTH PORTER came together to record Bridge Of Love as a fundraiser for Barnardos –The Children’s Charity, in the UN’s International Year of the Family. Everyone gave of their time and the song went on to be named the winner of the first ever Golden Guitar for “Vocal Collaboration” in 1995. Since then, many of those involved have become bigger stars, some have passed on and some have dropped out of the scene – but all were a part of something unique and magical in the history of Australian country music. To mark the 20th anniversary in September this year, a new project will bring together some of those artists and members of the new wave of performers to once again remind us of the power of the Australian country music family when it comes together in the spirit of helping others. How many singers can your listeners name?