One More Shot - Steve McNaughton

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Steve McNaughton

One More Shot

from the Eagles Aloft album.

The 3rd single release from STEVE McNAUGHTON’s acclaimed album Eagles Aloft, has an infectious gypsy rhythm, powered by a driving guitar. One More Shot tells of a struggling couple, living off their wits, while still trying to pull in a fortune with one last roll of the dice. The song craft and instrumentation are superb and complimented beautifully by Steve’s quality vocals, with his voice described as somewhere between TOM PETTY, PAUL KELLY and DON HENLEY. While garnering rave reviews in the US, Eagles Aloft is starting to gain traction in the Australian Country Music market. With top notch production and featuring some of Country’s finest musicians, it demonstrates a diverse but refreshing range of contemporary crossover tracks and has been described by one critic as “Bluegrass with Country roots”.