Three Brothers (The Great War) - Luke O’Shea

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Luke O’Shea

Three Brothers (The Great War)

from the Sing You Up album.

Of the 2nd single to be lifted from the brand new album Sing You Up, Three Brothers (The Great War), LUKE O’SHEA says, “It was written to punch listeners in the nose - with the hope that the sting and the song’s message will then be forever remembered!” Luke continues, “July 28, 2014 is the Centenary of World War I. With all the 'flag waving and cheers' that will resound throughout Australia this ANZAC Day, WE MUST remember the terrible scar on humanity that the 'Great War' was. As a High School History teacher, my blood boils and my eyes glaze over as, together, we learn about the mistakes and the senseless waste of our gallant young men. As most know, Australian troops defined themselves brilliantly given the circumstances and incompetence of our British Generals. Gallipoli was a disaster as was the massacre in France with 5533 Australian casualties in Fromelles in one night, 28000 casualties in the first 7 weeks – these were not glorious deaths. I wrote this song to shout out to those unaware of the waste and damage of an event that happened 100 years ago and that we as a nation - have never recovered from. As I tour around Australia, I see so many once blossoming young towns frozen in time. Iconic Rolls of Renown stand pride of place in towns where the 'land has all been bought up and the shops are closing down'. For each young man that didn’t return, an invaluable skill was lost - a husband, a father, a captain coach, a teacher or a farmer - there was so much 'future' lost. I get highly emotional with this song and I hope to get people discussing, arguing and feeling the rage over our baptism of hell fire that went on to define us as our OWN race of people – Australians!”