Brown Snake - BREWN

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Brown Snake

from the Rusted On album.

Brown Snake is the truest example of an Australian country life. When author and poet EUNICE BRADY visited her son's property in Far West New South Wales, she was amazed at the amount of wildlife and their inclusion in her family's everyday life. Things that would have terrified a city resident were shrugged off with a “she'll be right mate!” She was inspired to write the lyrics originally as a poem, encompassing the great love of the bush she experienced. Many years later, Eunice was encouraged to use her poems as lyrics by her new grandson-in-law, MICK BOND from BREWN and his wife LYNAIRE, who was one of the little girls who grew up on that farm and loved the stories of their country upbringing. They wanted to share the joy of their country origins and found that Eunice's words captured the spirit of the bush. Their collaboration created Brown Snake, a song that is humorous and truly Australian. A collaboration across generations of Australians that expresses their love of the land and the creepy crawlies that come along with it!