Buy That Man A Beer - Arthur Blanch

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Arthur Blanch

Buy That Man A Beer

from the Whatever Floats Your Boat album.

Whatever Floats Your Boat is more than simply 10 superb songs from Australian country music legend ARTHUR BLANCH, it is dedicated to his “Wellingrove Girl”, Arthur’s wife of 60 years, BERICE. To take this dedication even further, the official release date of the album was February 6 this year, Arthur and Berice’s 60th wedding anniversary. Following the successful release of the singles The Singer and the album’s title track, comes Arthur’s new single acknowledging the Aussie working bloke, Buy That Man A Beer. Who is the average working man? He’s a husband, a father, a worker with a mortgage – the salt of the earth and, at the end of the day, nothing pays homage to who and what he represents than a cold beer – it’s the Australian way! Arthur Blanch has paid his dues in Australian country music and all Australian country music fans should simply raise their glasses and buy this man a beer or buy his great new album!

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