Gunna Get It On - Rob Cass

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Rob Cass

Gunna Get It On

from the B4 N BYOND album.

ROB CASS and THE COSMIC COWBOYS are an original country rock band from Newcastle who have been together writing and performing since January 2002 with their first album being released in 2003. It is now time for Rob to spread his wings and writing styles with a country rock solo debut single called Gunna Get It On from his new album B4 N BYOND. Rob has a real passion for country music with an edge, being born in Cooma at the foot of the Snowy Mountains with his forefathers being cattlemen and brumby catchers on a property called “Moon Bar” located in the Snowy Mountains. Rob’s musical influences are far and wide commencing when his sisters sent a tingle down his spine at a very young age with their 4 part harmonies and the influence of an Irish background with a father who played 5 different instruments - all by ear. Today, Rob Cass has the utmost respect for artists such as TROY CASSAR-DALEY, TOBY KEITH, TIM McGRAW, JOHN FOGERTY and a stack of female artists including THE McCLYMONTS, JETTY ROAD, DIANNA CORCORAN, SHANIA TWAIN and many more.