Route 63 - Korey Livy

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Korey Livy

Route 63

from the Route 63 album.

Country music veteran and Australian Idol star KOREY LIVY is back with another outstanding new album entitled Route 63. The 2-time Toyota Star Maker Finalist believes that we all take a few wrong turns in life but we’re all trying to find our way back to “Route 63”, the route of Faith and Courage. This is country rock at its best, by far Korey's finest work as a singer songwriter. His hard hitting, catchy and addictive new style tips the rock end of modern country music and will keep you coming back for more. Be captivated as the raw emotion and real life stories unfold on Route 63. Following Korey’s recent single release Never Give Up, Never Give In comes the new single and title track to this fine album release.

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