Cowboy Without A Hat - James Stewart Keene

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James Stewart Keene

Cowboy Without A Hat

from the The Navigator album.

Following up his Country Tracks Top 30 Chart hit Bottom Of The Barrel, JAMES STEWART KEENE reveals his raunchy musical side with the up-beat Cowboy Without A Hat, the 3rd single from his debut album The Navigator. A tribute to his US west coast country rock influences from the 70’s and 80’s, James co-wrote the song with drummer JANSSEN LANGLANDS. This outstanding track features Australian guitar hero STEVE EDMONDS on lead guitar and, just like his musical influences, James proves that you don’t need to wear a hat to be a rocking cowboy! Produced by James and mixed by MATT FELL, Cowboy Without A Hat confirms the strength, depth and variety of country rock styles featured on The Navigator, an album that delivers a little something for all types of country music fans!

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