Tuscan Sun - Witches Of Eden

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Witches Of Eden

Tuscan Sun

from the Art Work album.

WITCHES OF EDEN is a purely originals band aiming to write songs that are full of imagination, and that carry messages of peace and love. MICHELLE NEVE has been singing since she can remember and MICHAEL McCARTHY has been playing guitar for longer than he would like to admit! McCarthy “finally got around” to writing songs of recent times with both of these fine musicians inspired by the music of THE BEATLES, THE BEACH BOYS and WILLIE NELSON. They definitely prefer to play and record “live”. McCarthy writes with his trusty Martin Eric Clapton Signature guitar always at hand, saying “that should be enough” to write a good tune. One method the Witches use to “test” their new songs is to listen to them through headphones whilst ice skating, saying “you know a tune has rhythm” if you enjoy skating to it! From their forthcoming new album Art Work comes the new single from Witches of Eden entitled Tuscan Sun, a track that is sure to bring this quality band to a whole new audience.