Sheila’s Song (The Circle Of Life) - Terry Ann Maxwell

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Terry Ann Maxwell

Sheila’s Song (The Circle Of Life)

from the CD Single.

Born to American parents on a US Air Force Base in Fukuoka, Japan, TERRY ANN MAXWELL developed her first taste of Country Music sitting on the lap of her Air Force Major Father’s lap, listening to the US Forces radio station broadcasts. After relocating to the Air Force Base in Tacoma, Washington, Terry Ann soon learned, at the age of 8, that she could write lyrics and sing, this becoming the genesis of a long love affair with Country Music. She recorded some early compositions with MERLE HAGGARD’s musicians, THE STRANGERS in California along with BUCK OWENS and the BUCKEROO’S in Bakersfield. Like all true Country Music singer/songwriters, Terry Ann was destined to move and spend the next 20 years in Nashville where she wrote and recorded a number of songs, achieving national airplay. Terry Ann now calls Australia home after meeting her soul mate, John at the Opryland Hotel in Nashville whilst attending a gig at the Jack Daniels Bar. She remains an avid music lover and is planning to release an album in Australia in 2014. Terry Ann’s distinctive voice can be heard on the recording of her new single Sheila’s Song (The Circle Of Life), which she recorded in Nashville and is now proud to release in Australia. Sheila’s Song (The Circle Of Life) is written about her niece and the years Terry Ann spent watching her grow. Terry Ann’s gift to Sheila on her wedding day was to sing this song for her and to dedicate it to her as a tribute to womanhood and life.