When You’ve Got It Good - Steve McNaughton

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Steve McNaughton

When You’ve Got It Good

from the Eagles Aloft album.

When You’ve Got It Good is the 2nd single to be released from STEVE McNAUGHTON’s new album Eagles Aloft. A wake up call to anyone who is just cruising in their relationship, the song was co-written with JAMES STEWART KEENE and a couple of muso mates and features some great fiddle playing by CLARE O’MEARA. When You’ve Got It Good was also named as a Finalist in the Australian Songwriters Association Country Awards in 2012. Steve’s ability as a consummate songwriter and unique vocalist are fully portrayed in the new direction he takes his music, distinctly into crossover country, yet still retaining a crisp pop edge. Using West Coast artists along with some Americana and Nashville influences for inspiration, Eagles Aloft is a slick album of contemporary country songs which is about to be released through CD Baby.