5:49 - Scarlett Affection

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Scarlett Affection


from the Forever Is A Long Long Time album.

“The SCARLETT AFFECTION duo of sisters MELIA and NERIDA NAUGHTON dish us up a dreamy and blissful record strung with emotive and heartfelt country music ballads. Their bare vocal deliveries, either harmonised or on their own, along with the heart-on-your-sleeve lyrics are forthright and delicately poised along with some earthy and perfectly appropriate acoustic instrumentation. The beauty of this record is that it sounds as though it was barely produced at all. It’s just honest delivery straight from their hearts and goshdarnit, you just can’t help but feel it.” - Imran Shahid, Alt Media. Leading single from Scarlett Affection is entitled 5:49, with its anthemic country balladry and gospel inspired harmonies that won the “Country” category of the International John Lennon Songwriting Competition. Scarlett Affection were also recipients of the prestigious Australian Songwriting Association’s Rudy Brandsma Award.