Aussie Volunteer - Michael O’Rourke

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Michael O’Rourke

Aussie Volunteer

from the Forthcoming album.

Whilst sitting at the house of friends IAN and GLENNYS MUIR, a discussion about the heroic stories of the fire fighters in the Black Saturday Bushfires in Victoria led to the creation of MICHAEL O’ROURKE’s latest offering Aussie Volunteer. The song is a moving tribute to all the 6 million Australian volunteers who each year generously and selflessly give up their time and, in some cases, their lives to help others. From the Mums and Dads who “work all day in the canteen” to those who “risk their lives to save a stranger’s son”, the song celebrates the efforts of everyday people and their contribution to keep this great country of ours moving. Aussie Volunteer is the first song from 4-time Golden Guitar Finalist Michael O’Rourke’s 3rd album to be released in 2014.