One Heartbreak Away - Kristy Cox

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Kristy Cox

One Heartbreak Away

from the Living For The Moment album.

One Heartbreak Away is the first single from KRISTY COX’s forthcoming album Living For The Moment which is due for release in early 2014.The track is a great up-tempo bluegrass song about a relationship that's worth keeping, however some things need to change. Showcasing Kristy’s strong vocal ability, the song is a great reflection of where the new album heads musically and how it expands on the bluegrass influences of her previous projects. Living For The Moment, as the title suggests, is about taking chances, a perfect reflection of where Kristy is in her life. After the success of her previous release Miles & Timezones, which saw her pick up numerous awards, Kristy made the move to Nashville after signing her first recording deal in the USA with Pisgah Ridge and an exclusive writing contract with Asheville Forest Music.

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