Never Give Up, Never Give In - Korey Livy

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Korey Livy

Never Give Up, Never Give In

from the Route 63 album.

KOREY LIVY once again teams up with some of Australia’s best songwriters and musicians to bring the real life stories and raw emotion of his life into his new album Route 63. Korey believes that we take a few wrong turns in life but we’re all trying to get back to “Route 63”, the route of Faith and Courage. He has the faith that there is light at the end of the road and, more importantly, he has the courage to continue to keep looking for that brand new day. The new single release is Never Give Up Never Give In, a track that superbly showcases the quality of material on this new album. Route 63 is full of raw emotions, covering a time of Korey’s life with extreme happiness and agonising lows. He met a wonderful woman who showed him how to live again as he struggled with the loss of his Dad and his own demons. This album took a while to make because Korey had a very specific vision, not wanting to hide behind anything. He simply wanted a real raw and passionate album and that is exactly what Route 63 delivers from this fine Aussie singer/songwriter.

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