Wrapping Up My Love (For Christmas) - Vanessa Lea & Road Train

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Vanessa Lea & Road Train

Wrapping Up My Love (For Christmas)

from the Forthcoming album.

With Christmas just around the corner, comes this catchy new tune that will swing you into party mode and have you singing along in no time! Wrapping Up My Love (For Christmas) is the first release from VANESSA LEA & ROAD TRAIN's 3rd album, which is expected to be completed by late 2013 or early 2014 and follows their two previous album releases Cause & Effect and Red Stiletto. Co-written with DAVID ROGERSON, Wrapping Up My Love (For Christmas) tells the story of someone who has been busy working all year away from home and their partner. The whole song builds up to a huge celebration where preparations are made for a Christmas party in which Vanessa Lea will be reunited with her family, friends, and most importantly, the partner she has been missing. Light-hearted and fun, this song is definitely worth a spin!