Reelin’ One In - The Bobkatz

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The Bobkatz

Reelin’ One In

from the Underneath The Hat album.

From the pen of ‘Katz song-smith GARRY KOEHLER comes another tribute to the memory of his best friend and late father, WAL KOEHLER. Reelin’ One In gives the listener an insight into this man’s passion for river fishing and it seems Wal kept “a few sickies up his sleeve for when the fishin’ was hot!” When we lose someone special, we often wish them to a place they would love to be, (for a footballer ……the great footy ground in the sky) and, in Wal’s case, a great fishing spot known to only he and his son. THE BOBKATZ hope you enjoy Reelin’ One In, the 3rd single off their current album Underneath The Hat.

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