Gettin’ Outta Here - Lance Friend

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Lance Friend

Gettin’ Outta Here

from the The Album album.

LANCE FRIEND has saved the best for last in releasing his final single off The Album. This is another song resulting from a very successful co-writing relationship with BRAD MACLEAN (The Condamine, Sit With Me Tonight (1951)). Written about what is termed the ‘Bar Fly’, this song is about a man who resides in a pub and spends all his time there. Sitting upon his usual stool, he continues to reminisce about his life and talk of all the things he misses. Regretting the life that’s passing him by but making himself shallow promises he’s going to be Gettin’ Outta Here. Lance has achieved great acclaim with his past releases and this track is expected to be just as impressive. Exceptionally produced by BRENDAN RADFORD and featuring some of Australia’s finest country musicians, this song features some great hooks and has proved popular amongst fans and the country music industry alike.