Christmas Cowboy - Justin Standley

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Justin Standley

Christmas Cowboy

from the A Father’s Love album.

JUST-IN time for Christmas! Christmas Cowboy is the 3rd single to be released from JUSTIN STANDLEY’s debut album A Father’s Love. Once again, Justin proves he is country to the core, has a unique and beautiful storytelling voice (a bit “John Denver’ish”) and his songwriting really is exceptional. A melancholic ballad, Christmas Cowboy was written straight from the heart, which is one of Justin’s trademarks. “I’d spent 12 Christmases without my children, so Christmas had become a painful experience for me”, Justin explains. “I wrote this at Christmas time in Sydney in 2011: it was to be my last Christmas alone as I was reunited with my daughters in 2012. Since then, most of the songs I write have been happy songs!” A lot of people will identify with the Christmas Cowboy, a very fine, country carol.