Clock Out At Five - Doug Bruce

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Doug Bruce

Clock Out At Five

from the Made That Way album.

Clock Out At Five is the 3rd single release from DOUG BRUCE’s current album Made That Way - “unquestionably his best album to date” (Susan Jarvis, Capital News, 2013). The album’s first two releases Made That Way and Thank God I’m A Cowboy were big chart successes with this new song from Doug being the perfect entree to imminent work break-ups and summer holidays. It’s all about working hard and living for the weekend (and whatever days that may be to shift workers!). “Work a 40 hour week for the boss man’s dime....5 days are his, the last two are mine!” Self-penned and self-produced by Doug at Shoo Fly Studios in Heathcote, Victoria, Clock Out At Five has been described as, “a Buffet-esque song that Radio DJs pick up on immediately and it’s already becoming a rowdy crowd favourite” (Denise Torenbeek, Country Update, 2013). No matter which days of the week you work, it’s that proverbial light at the end of the tunnel that gets you through...“It ain’t easy but it’s how we survive. Time drags on till you clock out at five”. Hear this song on the radio and it’ll get you there a whole lot quicker!