Better With The Band - Dan Murphy

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Dan Murphy

Better With The Band

from the Livin’ The Dream album.

As a youngster, DAN MURPHY cut his teeth on music, singing in the family band. He grew up on a large cattle station in Outback NSW and, by the time he’d reached high school, his consuming passion was country music. Then, just like the young man who left the farm after an argument with his father in Where There’s A Road, he left the family’s 400,000 acre cattle station west of Cobar under spookily similar circumstances. He ended up travelling around America, chasing good country music, driving trucks, breaking horses and becoming more determined than ever to achieve his goal. Now comes the new single release from Dan Murphy entitled Better With The Band, the first track on the critically acclaimed Livin' The Dream album. Recorded in Nashville, the song captures the sentiments shared by all. Any song can be played solo or duo and it will sound OK, but it always sounds better with the band!