Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover - RUCKUS

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Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover

from the Forthcoming album.

After a spell out of the studio, RUCKUS are at it again! Still playing live to their loyal followers down in “Mexico”, Victoria, Australia and beyond, RUCKUS have headed back into the studio to put down some new tunes…..and a couple of special older ones. The first song released from their upcoming CD, due to be launched later in the year, is Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover, a slightly slapstick look at the people you might come across while pursuing any musician’s favourite passion and pastime, playing live!! The face of RUCKUS may have changed a little over the last 3 years but their dedication to their fans and supporters is unwavering and they truly appreciate your ongoing support. The RUCKUS gang hope you love this new song!